Baby Beginnings

The question I am asked most often is, "How did you get started in photography?" And though the answer to that is simple, the journey was anything but.

Exactly 7 years ago on this day, I was one month away from delivering my first baby girl. The preceding 8 months had been full of anticipation, nausea, nursery decorating and plenty of unsolicited baby advice (did you know if you drink aniseed tea and eat fiber cookies, your milk will taste like ice cream? #false #triedit). I'd been pregnant for what felt like 6 years and couldn't wait for the tiny human feeding inside me, making me fat & destroying my bladder to finally make her debut.

My first photo of my first born

When she finally showed up with her massive brown eyes and quizzical little brows, I was changed. Call it evolution, divine purpose or whatever tickles your fancy, but the second I held her I felt a shift in my soul. I was committed to a lifetime of loving this perfect thing. With all that also came the immediate urge to document every moment because forgetting any of them felt wrong.

After a bit of research and a few months of recovery (remember I'd just been torn in half from the inside out), I bought an entry level digital camera (I started with a Canon rebel t3i for those wanting to know) to aid me in my quest to never forget a single moment in this baby's life. But when my photos kept turning out underexposed, out of focus and boring, I realized there was more to photography than owning a sweet camera.

I started watching YouTube tutorials, attending workshops and ordering text books on everything from composition to editing. My desire to learn more about photography evolved into an insatiable passion which I'm still trying to satisfy. I took tens of thousands of photos of my girl and as she grew so did my skills develop. Eventually people began asking me to photograph their babies, their teenagers, their grandparents and I found myself on a path to not only capturing unforgettable moments in my daughter's life, but in the lives of others as well.

7 years, 7 moves, 3 states, another baby girl (turns out you can love two women at the same time) and a divorce later, I'm still enamored with photography and feel so grateful that I invested my time and energy into an art that will forever remind me of what it means to be a mother.